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Understand how to engage sensitively and support your people, who have experienced stress and mental health issues.


You will get:

1.  Wellness Action Plan - template form

2.  Stress Risk Assessment - template form

3.  Training video - you will learn:

  • What is a Stress Risk Assessment and Wellness Action Plan
  • Why it will support staff who have been off sick due to poor mental health
  • How to complete the assessment and action plan
  • When to complete the assessment and plan
  • And next steps.  Continue supporting your people, to create a safe, engaging and productive working environment


The forms are easy to understand and implement in your business. 


Together with a managers training session.  You will learn how to engage sensitively and support an employee who has been off work with poor mental health. 


Wellbeing in the Workplace

  • Your documents will be emailed to you following purchase,

    If you have any problems accessing your resources, please contact

  • No returns or refunds available on digital products.

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